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Tracy Lucas
President and Chief Operating Officer

A few words that describe you:
Creative, Positive, Detailed, Fun, Independent

What do you like to do when you're not at work:
In my free time I unwind by sharing laughs (and wine) with good friends, and plenty of retail therapy! While I am not opposed to the occasional splurge, Iím a bargain shopper at heart. I love hitting the local consignment stores on the weekends, considering Dallas has some of the best resale stores in the country. When Iím at home my television is usually tuned to TBN, or Iíll stream some concert footage from my Qello app.

Favorite coffee drink:
Canít beat McDonaldís coffee.

Most frequently ordered item at your favorite restaurant:
Two words: Mambo taxi.

Place you'd like to visit:
Iíve always wanted to see Winged Victory or the Pieta, so that would be Paris or Vatican City.

In a nutshell:
Since moving to Texas in 2011, Iíve seen a lot of change in the local real estate landscape. The marketing landscape has evolved too, with a bigger portion of client budgets and teams supporting social media activities and digital channels. Traditional marketing still has its place, and needs to be part of the overall strategic mix.

Iíve always had an eye for communications design, and being a stickler for consistency I am always looking for tools that ensure the entire team is informed so they are empowered to make effective marketing decisions. Iím a big believer in graphic identity standards, brand guides, signage templates, editorial calendars-anything that spells out on paper how the brand should be expressed to the audience.

Iím fortunate that much of my daily activities are rooted in guiding the creative process and the development of compelling content that builds brands because these are things I really enjoy! Balancing all this for our clients: brand, budget, creative and strategy-and evolving methodologies to measure their effectiveness-thatís what gets me excited to come to work every day.